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CIS Electronics Engineering – ready for the challenges ahead in 2022


19th January - Valencia.

“Key Engineering activities which began to make noise in 2021 are continuing to gather momentum in 2022,”  so says, CIS Electronic Engineering  CEO Richard McCullagh and his team, who, despite experiencing many challenges in the sector, remain positive about the requirement for Embedded Engineer contractors in the future. “We are now looking forward to 2022 whilst adjusting to a highly changeable market.


Changing ways of working

“Covid-19 and its variants still continue to impact the Embedded Engineering market”, says Richard, “We see both individuals and companies continuing to adapt to a ‘new normal’ in how they have done things previously. And for contracting positions, we estimate remote working is now approximately 85% of the total business, compared to the 30-40% pre-Covid, it was then more of an onsite/offsite hybrid scenario. “

 “In the majority of cases, Clients are now only asking for a Contractor to be present on-site if there is a specific physical necessity to be so or if it’s the Contractors preference. This flexibility has allowed them to consider working with expert consultant contractors who are immediately available rather than gearing project start-ups around getting skills on-site.  As the relocation factor no longer becomes an issue, the lead-time to start a project can be greatly reduced.”


The influence of chip shortages

Other themes that continue to have a major influence in particular sectors, include the lack of supply of semiconductors that has disrupted industries globally throughout 2021, and the shortage shows no signs of coming to an end. The automotive industry has been hit particularly hard, with production lines around the world having to close for weeks at a time due to a lack of components. This has largely been due to economic factors and the rise in ‘working from home’ aspects caused by the pandemic. However innovations in electric vehicle and autonomous driving connectivity has meant specialist contractors in these areas are continuously on a growth path.


The pockets of growth in budding sectors

Whilst there have been highs and lows in some areas, the team at CIS have found new pockets of growth in their portfolio for the year.

We have seen the continued trend with increasing demand for experts in the areas of consumer electronics especially with audio equipment. Demand has increased for development of specific areas including speaker systems, acoustics, wireless connectivity, with the main focus on Bluetooth. Demand for experts to develop products within industrial logistics has also increased with a focus on mobile robotics and industry 4.0.

As the team of Hollie Webber, Aleksandra Wisna, Sonja Starcevic and Chloe Azar discuss, these budding market sectors are set to continue through into 2022.

 1)  Audio

Hollie explains, “The audio industry is seeing some considerable innovations which we predict will have a big impact on consumer electronics. Perhaps one of the coolest is focused audio, a technology that “steers” audio into your ears, even when you’re moving around – meaning no more headphones or earbuds! We are also getting technologies providing immersive audio experiences whether you’re at a concert, gaming, or on the sofa listening to music. In other words, VR will be immersive for sight and sound.

“As a result, we have seen a lot of movement for specialist embedded engineers. Whether it’s for consumers or professionals, innovation means good things for the audio industry, and more jobs.”

2)  Mobile Robotics and UAVs

Hollie also comments on her second market, “In 2021 we saw a rise in demand for robotics experienced engineers which we predict will increase further into 2022, as the use of robotics/UAVs combined with advances in technology is getting widely implemented. As we look a few years into the future, we can see UAVs assuming greater roles in more hazardous types of applications such as high-voltage wire inspection, bridge/tower inspection and commercial shipping hull inspection/repair, reducing human injury.  Also the demand for consumer and durable goods is growing exponentially. As a result of this explosive demand, today’s factories are finding it difficult to source, manufacture and deliver goods in a timely fashion. That’s where enlisting the services of robots comes in. Robots excel at routing tasks that require limited decision-making. We expect there to be new areas where both UAVs and Mobile Robots to be used. “

3)  Embedded for automotive & consumer electronics

Aleksandra Wisna has also continued to support Clients within audio equipment and automotive sectors and also been able to provide experts focused on Embedded Linux for the energy and consumer electronics.

Aleksandra comments, “Driven by the growth in application of DSP chips in consumer electronics and automotive sector, and extension in adoption of wireless connectivity and infrastructure we have seen a significant increase in requirements for specialists developing audio solutions across fields as acoustics, health, virtual reality, mobile applications, sound systems….”

4)  Bluetooth

Meanwhile Sonja Starcevic has continued to expand her Client base in the Bluetooth market most recently by supporting Clients in the audio equipment and medical device sectors. She says, “Integrating Bluetooth into IoT devices offers tremendous potential for building large-scale networks, delivering rich connectivity with a high level of security. Besides mobile phones, speakers and PC accessories, Bluetooth is increasingly finding its place in home appliances, wearables and industrial electronics and devices.”  “Therefore we are seeing increased demand for engineers in those areas.”

5)  5G

Chloé Azar has recently been working hard in finding experts to support her Clients in the area of 5G for mobile communications. According to Chloe, “Already the 5G job revolution has begun. Large mobile providers are building out new networks across the territories. Network companies are hiring 5G system architects, Radio Access Network (RAN) engineers, 5G solution architects, and technical managers in the 5G space. Technicians and tower climbers are putting up 5G small cells at a rapid pace. This is not the first time that fundamental shifts in networking technologies have created sudden shifts in the economy and job opportunities particularly in embedded engineering.”


CIS’s continued success in the specialist embedded contractor market has largely been attributed to the expertise of the team in identifying new opportunities and working closely with clients to find the right resources in a highly competitive market.

“We feel we are well prepared and ready for the challenges that 2022 is likely to bring, says Richard, “Our team are always looking for the next emerging technologies in addition to those areas that continue to grow and finding associated high quality experts for the perfect match.”  


“We aim to ensure every next project is covered and look forward to discussing your new requirements in the near future.”  


Contact CIS team on info@cis-ee.com or +34 963 943 500 to give your 2022 engineering project planning a kick start.