Corporate Social Responsibility

"taking responsibility can be fun and rewarding!"
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Corporate Social Responsibility

Here at CIS, we are working hard to make sure that taking responsibility can be fun and rewarding. We encourage all our employees to play an active role in our corporate and social responsibility program. Our CSR strategy is based on the following principles:

Engagement Environment Community Ethics


We believe that engagement is the key to achieving success in everything we do. As part of our leadership and development program, we encourage all our employees to initiate, or take part in various fund raising activities throughout the year. The company matches the value of any funds raised with all monies going towards the purchase of IT equipment for educating kids in remote areas of Zambia. (in association with Livingstone Foundation) .

Helping bring fresh drinking water to remote Villages in Zambia (in association with Livingstone Foundation)

CIS are proud to be funding the development of a well to provide fresh drinking water to a remote village in Zambia. We have just funded the construction of our first well in a remote village called Jokoniah, which will provide enough water for up to 200 people. We are also committed to funding the construction of two further wells in surrounding villages next year. The whole team is very proud to be able to help improve the lives of the villagers in this way and the team receives regular updates from the Livingstone Foundation.


CIS works closely with many of our customers in the area of renewable energy projects and carbon emission reduction. We have a special interest in these projects and have been involved in a wide range of embedded systems, power electronics and energy storage projects for the renewable energy market over the past two decades. These include projects in Smart Metering, eMobility, Photovoltaics, Hybrid Automotive and much more.


Local Community

CIS has designed our new Outsourced Workforce Solutions, based around promoting the quality and availability of highly skilled engineering talent from within our local community. We are focused on generating new employment opportunities within the Valencia area, in order to help offer high quality engineering jobs to students graduating from the local universities. We are also hoping to attract many more experienced engineers back to Valencia who have been forced to travel beyond the region and country over the past decade, in order to find good career opportunities.


We believe that strong corporate governance and high ethical standards are not just good to have, but essential for the long-term success of the company. We pride ourselves in our adherence to our ethical business practices, transparency and company values. We have a diverse international team and offer a fast track leadership and development programs to all. We are fully committed to meritocracy so everyone is rewarded and promoted, based on their ability, experience and track record.