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Contracting in the Electronics R&D Industry


12th September - Valencia.

CIS can help you to make finding your first contract a pleasant and exciting experience with zero drama attached!

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The 5 Essential Rules to successfully outsource your R&D activities!

6th September - Valencia.

The growing adoption of embedded devices in new electronics of advanced consumer applications to build functionality, quality and usability is having a knock-on effect to the Engineering industry.

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What keeps project managers awake at night?

4th September - Valencia.

Take a look at the major concerns that project managers have in dealing with skills shortages in engineering... and how to resolve them!

Based on the latest piece of research from CIS Electronic Engineering.


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Could you be saving up to 50% of your budget for External Embedded Engineers & Consultants?

7th August - Valencia.

As the market for external contractors approaches breaking point, many companies are left wondering how they are going to continue to deliver their projects on schedule without the budgets spiralling out of control.

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Electronic Engineering - Project Managers doing more HR than R&D?

30th July - Valencia.

  • Almost 80% of R&D project managers unable to find right skills.
  • Over 70% highlighted issue of costs and overspending in staff.
  • Organisational flexibility key to solving skills shortage problems.

Shortage of specialist skills has become the number one concern amongst project managers within the Embedded Systems and Semiconductor R&D industry.

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Is the Electronic Engineer BRAND responsible for the Skills shortfall?

17th July - Valencia.

Recent surveys have agreed that the semiconductor industry is in one of the worst crises for shortfalls in high skilled engineering talent for many decades.

This has been laid at the door of not enough graduates wanting to study Engineering.

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Can't find the skills you need - where do you look next?

12th July - Valencia

Over the past decade, few issues have caused more concern amongst CTOs and R&D Managers in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries than the shortage of highly skilled Embedded Software & Hardware Engineers to meet the demands of their R&D programs.

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CIS in the News: Valencia International

9th July 2019 - Valencia

CIS launches new Outsourced Workforce Solution for Advanced Engineering Clients:

- New outsourcing initiative provides stability and productivity in resource planning.

- Offers seamless low-risk extension of a company’s own R&D activities

- Can form part of a flexible Virtual Centre of Excellence.

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Mind The Gap!

12th June 2019 – Valencia

Are you, like so many others in the high-tech electronics market, struggling to attract and retain all the specialist engineers you need to keep your R&D department at the forefront of your market?

Expected skills shortage for the sector

Well, unfortunately it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The skills gap in this sector is widening at a faster rate than ever. Most companies are experiencing major issues as a result of skill shortages in this area. Whether you are designing a new range of IoT devices, driverless cars, 5G networks & handsets

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