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Advancements in AI Chips: Addressing the Surge in Computational Demand

23rd May - Valencia.

The advent of generative AI (gen AI) applications like ChatGPT and Sora is dramatically increasing the demand for computational power.

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PCIe: Navigating the Future of High-Speed Interconnects

8th March - Valencia.

PCI Express (PCIe) stands as the standard high-speed expansion bus, connecting various hardware components within computers and servers. Its evolution over the years has been pivotal in advancing data transfer rates and system performance.

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Platform Engineering in Embedded Software Development

11th January - Valencia.

"Platform engineering emerged in response to the increasing complexity of modern software architectures. Today, non-expert end users are often asked to operate an assembly of complicated arcane services," says Paul Delory, VP Analyst at Gartner.

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The Evolving Landscape of System on Chip (SoC) Technology

06th November - Valencia.

In the ever-evolving world of technology, System on Chip (SoC) has emerged as a crucial component, driving innovation across a wide range of industries.

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Chaos Engineering in Embedded Software Development: Leveraging Chaos Mesh

27th September - Valencia.

In the dynamic realm of embedded software development, reliability reigns supreme. From the inner workings of your trusty smartphone to the intricate dance of IoT devices and the brains of advanced automotive systems, one thing is clear: dependable software is non-negotiable.

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Agritech! - The world needs you

2nd August - Valencia.

As the World’s Population is set to hit 9.8 billion by 2050 it is estimated that the planet will need 70% more sustainable food production by then.

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6G – ‘The Intelligence of Everything’

29th June - Valencia.

6G is the name for the sixth generation of cellular networks, which will deliver truly omnipresent wireless intelligence.

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How Embedded Systems are fuelling the New Space Economy

31st May - Valencia.

According to a recent report from Deloitte the economics of space have never been more promising.   

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A new era of Storage and Memory solutions are transforming high performance computing

27th April - Valencia.

The push for IoT and edge devices has driven a new level of complexity into embedded systems and accompanying memory and storage subsystems that were once optimised for cost and performance.

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How mastering the challenges of Embedded Cybersecurity will determine success in the Automotive Sector.

28th March - Valencia.

Can new measures, management and new skills help to address the balance between innovation and risks of attack?

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AI chip design– the NEW road to productivity and opportunity

28th February - Valencia.

AI chips refers to a new generation of microprocessors which are specifically designed to process artificial intelligence tasks faster, using less power.

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Is Embedded Sustainability changing the face of electronic engineering?

31st January - Valencia.

If the latest version of the CES show in Las Vegas is anything to go by then the answer is a resounding YES.

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How Embedded Engineering is meeting the challenges of the Energy Crisis

20th December - Valencia.

The global energy crisis has revealed our over-reliance on fossil fuels and the need to transform the grid to better support the transition to renewables.

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How RISC-V processor architecture is empowering new flexible innovation and design

24th November - Valencia.

The adoption of RISC-V is critical for many organizations to compete in the open era of computing.

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Motion algorithms are changing the pace and place of AI Computer Vision application development

26th October - Valencia.

In modern business it is becoming more and more necessary to solve tasks fast and accurately with less spending and human involvement, and this is where computer vision is coming to the fore.

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Why DevOps? The ‘game–changer’ for embedded system development

28th September - Valencia.

The rise of cloud-native computing allied to the explosion of internet of things (IoT) devices and edge technologies has required a new way of designing, testing, deploying and maintaining embedded systems.

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IoT development is shaping the future for renewable energy

30th August - Valencia.

As renewable energy sources expand their reach, the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart connectivity have established themselves as the catalyst for powering the green revolution.

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Why embedded system complexity is challenging safety and security in the automotive industry.

27th July - Valencia.

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) will play a crucial role in preparing regulators, consumers, and corporations for the medium-term reality of cars taking over control from drivers.

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How ASIC design is powering the future of IoT in Smart Cities

30th June - Valencia.

Smart cities aim to better integrate, regulate, optimize, and control the city’s impact on communities and the natural environment.

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Companies are turning to Expert Engineers to counter the chip shortage issue - The trouble is where to find them?

31st May - Valencia.

Many believe the worldwide chip shortage issue will not ease until 2023, and it is set to get worse over the next 18 months as longer lead times and higher prices kick in.

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How 3D Stereo Vision Technology is paving the way for future real-time applications

26th April - Valencia.

The world of vision technology has developed at a rapid pace. Only a little while ago, few could imagine a portable device no bigger than a deck of cards having the ability to capture images and video, store gigabytes of data, and act as a radio, GPS device, and telephone.

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Why new sectors are entering the realm of Haskell Functional programming

25th March - Valencia.

Whilst functional programming is not new, its use has often been associated with financial, medical and biotech sectors because of its close mathematical functioning power and ability to handle large data usage.  

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How LE (Low Energy) Audio is set to transform the listening experience

24th February - Valencia.

The road has been long and winding but LE Audio, standing for ‘Low Energy’ Audio, is set to transform the quality and ways we consume sound.

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CIS Electronics Engineering – ready for the challenges ahead in 2022

19th January - Valencia.

CIS continued success in the specialist embedded contractor market has largely been attributed to the expertise of the team in identifying new opportunities and working closely with clients to find the right resources in a highly competitive market.

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Why Post pandemic remote work is increasing? – and how Engineering clients are reacting to it.

30th November - Valencia.

For many Electronics Engineering or Consumer Electronics companies, the idea of remote working has been a normal way of life for years, enabling the best quality talent from around the world to work with success on many advanced engineering projects.

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Embedded Engineering Expertise – countering the problems of chip shortage.

27th October - Valencia.

The lack of supply of semiconductors has disrupted industries globally throughout 2021, and the global chip shortage shows no signs of coming to an end.

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Is Flexible Embedded Engineering the answer to the Nordics engineering skills shortage crisis?

27th September - Valencia.

Up until just before the pandemic, the demand for embedded engineers in Europe was practically insatiable. Fuelled by the rapid rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the need for embedded developers exploded. Qualified candidates had their pick of jobs.

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How Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are making a mark on the planet... and beyond!

31st August - Valencia.

Mobile robots are capable of locomotion in different kinds of environments, depending on the type of mobile robot. They are able to travel either in air, land, underwater or in space.

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Bluetooth raising the game of wireless technology

23rd July - Valencia. 

The rising need for embedded and wireless connectivity in most electronic gadgets and consumer wearables products has led to an upsurge in demand for Bluetooth technology.

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Keeping Automotive ahead of the curve through ISO/SAE 21434 compliance

23rd June - Valencia.

In a report by Trend Micro, a world leader in Cybersecurity, they describe multiple scenarios in which car drivers could encounter attacks that threaten the safety of themselves and others.

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The impact of COVID on Audio USB, Voice activation and XMOS Processing power... and why it changes our lives forever

24th May - Valencia.

The Covid pandemic has had a significant influence on the way that people work. More and more are working from home and using remote communication greater than ever before.

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Virtualisation and Hypervisor technology coming of age in new Embedded Engineering applications

21st April - Valencia.

Virtualisation and Hypervisor technologies are becoming increasingly popular in the tech sector. 

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Portable Energy Storage Systems - the future game changer

17th March - Valencia.

Thanks to technological advances, today’s smartphones are also TVs, books, organizers, heart rate monitors. Electricity is what powers all of these features, but without batteries, we’d be continually stuck next to a socket.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) market – Ready to fly

17th February - Valencia.

According to Meticulous Research, the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone market, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 14.1% from 2020 to 2027 and reach a whopping $21.8 billion by 2027. Volume growth is also set to exceed 13.2 million units by 2027.

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The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 (CES), its Trends and what’s in it for engineers?

18th January - Valencia.

The CES has traditionally been the go-to Consumer Electronics event which heralds the new innovations from large and small electronics companies which we are likely to see more of over the coming months and normally showcases over 5000 exhibitors.

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How Battery Innovation is powering a New Horizon in Autonomous Electronics

16th December - Valencia.

Batteries are a key technology for battling carbon dioxide emissions from the transport, power, and industry sectors. However, to reach sustainability goals, batteries must exhibit ultra-high performance beyond their capabilities today.


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Augmented And Virtual Reality quickly taking a leap into mainstream Healthcare

20th November - Valencia.

Both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions are starting to revolutionize healthcare applications and services, and at the same time, contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

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What will the rollout of 5G mean for IoT development and engineers?

19th October - Valencia.

Welcome to the rollout of 5G!
Greater connectivity and more telecom geopolitics!

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Automation and Robotics Technology has moved to the Open World

14th September - Valencia.  

Automation and ‘Industry 4.0’ Automation has come of age, and as industrial technology grows increasingly pervasive, this wave of automation and digitization is being labelled “Industry 4.0,” as in the fourth industrial revolution.

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Disruption in The Air - Audio Sector 2020 and Beyond

30th July - Valencia.

The audio sector is undergoing major disruption led by the onset of new advanced technologies driven by a demand for outstanding, interactive, consumer experiences.

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CIS helps bring clean water to remote villages in Zambia

16th July - Valencia.

Livingstone Foundation together with CIS have joined with Makolekole Drilling to make four new deep-water wells at Braimu, Isaac, Jokoniah and Roan Villages. A special thanks to all the CIS team whose hard work made it possible to help fund such a great initiative by the Livingstone Foundation.

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What is happening with Embedded R&D during the Covid-19 crisis?

Market Update 27th April 2020

Ever since the first lockdowns began in Europe last month, companies have been scrambling to organise themselves to deal with the sudden impact of home working. Now, almost six weeks on for many of us, since the beginning of this sudden logistical nightmare, we are all waking up to find that everything is beginning to settle down quite nicely, without any major catastrophes.

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Global Ventilator Emergency – Register now, to donate your time and expertise!

26th March - Valencia.

CIS Electronics Engineering is reaching out to help companies and other institutions embarking on new emergency ‘not-for-profit’ ventilator projects, by appealing to our network of expert engineers and consultants, who may be willing to donate time and expertise to this enormous global challenge.

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The Rise of the Remote Contractor 2020

10th March - Valencia.

The demand for freelance Embedded Software & Hardware Engineers has risen dramatically over the past 10 years. Daily rates have more than doubled during this period and it is now, no longer a certainty that you will even be able to find the right specialist engineers to work on-site, even if you are prepared to pay top rates.

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Renewable Energies powering ahead with major advances in technology

The battleground for engineering innovation 2020 and beyond.


14th February - Valencia.

The renewable energy industry is primed to enter a new phase of growth driven largely by increasing customer demand, cost competitiveness, innovation, and collaboration.


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Smart Cities... the need for Smart Engineers and even Smarter Suppliers

30th January - Valencia.

Recent reports have estimated that by 2025 the Smart City market value will be $2 trillion and global spending on Smart Cities initiatives will reach $189.5 billion by 2023.

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Human-centred thinking driving the future of Medical device engineering

16th January - Valencia.

In a world that has ever increasing challenges through exploding population growth, an ageing population and inadequate access to quality healthcare, R&D will no longer be good enough to just make incremental changes.

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Gartner predicts strong outlook for CIS Electronics Engineering’s R&D Service Markets for 2020


10th January - Valencia.

  • Major growth in ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT)Endpoints for 2020
  • Connected cars will retain a significant portion of the total endpoint electronics spending
  • CIS strategic focus aimed at delivering skilled engineers for these markets


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The Impact of Skill Shortages on the Race to Save Our Planet!

27th November - Valencia.


Electronic Innovations have provided us with many of the key tools needed to tackle climate change seriously.


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CIS in the News!

11th November - Valencia.


Struggling to get the best engineers for your embedded projects?


Click here to visit for the full article published on 29th October 2019.


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Embedded Systems Engineers & Consultants

7th November - Valencia.


Are you struggling to find the specialist expertise you need in your home county or state?

Let CIS Electronics Engineering help you build the R&D capability you need at a budget you can afford, starting tomorrow!

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Automotive Revenues Double at CIS

(2019 to date)


1st October - Valencia.

CIS Electronics Engineering has increased revenues from their automotive contracting activities by over 100% year to date 2019, compared with the same period last year.

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Make your first time special!

Contracting in the Electronics R&D Industry


12th September - Valencia.

CIS can help you to make finding your first contract a pleasant and exciting experience with zero drama attached!

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The 5 Essential Rules to successfully outsource your R&D activities!

6th September - Valencia.

The growing adoption of embedded devices in new electronics of advanced consumer applications to build functionality, quality and usability is having a knock-on effect to the Engineering industry.

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What keeps project managers awake at night?

4th September - Valencia.

Take a look at the major concerns that project managers have in dealing with skills shortages in engineering... and how to resolve them!

Based on the latest piece of research from CIS Electronic Engineering.


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Could you be saving up to 50% of your budget for External Embedded Engineers & Consultants?

7th August - Valencia.

As the market for external contractors approaches breaking point, many companies are left wondering how they are going to continue to deliver their projects on schedule without the budgets spiralling out of control.

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Electronic Engineering - Project Managers doing more HR than R&D?

30th July - Valencia.

  • Almost 80% of R&D project managers unable to find right skills.
  • Over 70% highlighted issue of costs and overspending in staff.
  • Organisational flexibility key to solving skills shortage problems.

Shortage of specialist skills has become the number one concern amongst project managers within the Embedded Systems and Semiconductor R&D industry.

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Is the Electronic Engineer BRAND responsible for the Skills shortfall?

17th July - Valencia.

Recent surveys have agreed that the semiconductor industry is in one of the worst crises for shortfalls in high skilled engineering talent for many decades.

This has been laid at the door of not enough graduates wanting to study Engineering.

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Can't find the skills you need - where do you look next?

12th July - Valencia

Over the past decade, few issues have caused more concern amongst CTOs and R&D Managers in the Electronics and Semiconductor Industries than the shortage of highly skilled Embedded Software & Hardware Engineers to meet the demands of their R&D programs.

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CIS in the News: Valencia International

9th July 2019 - Valencia

CIS launches new Outsourced Workforce Solution for Advanced Engineering Clients:

- New outsourcing initiative provides stability and productivity in resource planning.

- Offers seamless low-risk extension of a company’s own R&D activities

- Can form part of a flexible Virtual Centre of Excellence.

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Mind The Gap!

12th June 2019 – Valencia

Are you, like so many others in the high-tech electronics market, struggling to attract and retain all the specialist engineers you need to keep your R&D department at the forefront of your market?

Expected skills shortage for the sector

Well, unfortunately it looks like it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. The skills gap in this sector is widening at a faster rate than ever. Most companies are experiencing major issues as a result of skill shortages in this area. Whether you are designing a new range of IoT devices, driverless cars, 5G networks & handsets

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