Core markets

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CIS has almost two decades of experience of helping customers design and develop a wide range of embedded automotive systems and components. We have worked on almost every aspect of the automotive electronics industry including Embedded Systems, Digital Design, Telematics, Fuel Efficiency, Battery Power, Emissions etc. Today we are also helping our customers with a wide range of software projects for ADAS and associated Functional Safety programs.

Renewable Energy

We have a special interest in Renewable Energy projects given their effect on the environment. Having been one of the leading providers of engineers and consultants to the early smart metering technologies, CIS has gone on to become a leading provider of expertise in Electronics Software & Hardware for energy harnessing, efficient production, storage, optimisation, photovoltaics and power electronics. 


Over the past decade, the design and development of a whole new range of medical devices has grown at breathtaking pace. Having a strong background in integrated wireless devices from other industries, CIS was able to help our customers with the design and development of all their new interconnected wireless devices, 3D imaging, VR, AR etc. We have worked on everything from the most advanced MRI scanners through to the smallest wearable wireless patient monitoring devices. 


CIS started trading as a specialist supplier of expertise in the Smart Card and Cryptographic Markets. Today we are still one of the leading authorities on everything ‘payment’. Starting in the early 2000’s with proprietary cards, CIS played a key role in the development and evolution of smart card technology under Global Platform standards. Combined with our expertise in EMV, NFC, Terminals and Biometrics, CIS is your ideal partner for all electronic payment related projects.

Mobile Communications

CIS have been helping our customers in the mobile market to develop embedded software and communications systems over the past two decades. We have worked with all the leading network equipment manufacturers, most of the service providers and many of the top phone manufacturers. We are currently helping a range of customers with their 5G projects across the full Mobile Network ecosystem.


Smart City & IOT

Back in the mid 2000s CIS began working with a range of customers in the Smart Meter market, helping to design and develop a range of solutions including Zigbee Protocol Stacks, Secure Element, M2M, Bluetooth, 4G LTE Protocol Stacks and much more. These technologies laid the groundwork for much of the modern Smart City and IoT Ecosystems. Today we can add Low Energy, new IoT Operating Systems and advanced encryption to the list of projects we are involved in.  


CIS has a long history in the high end luxury audio market. We have worked with many of the global leaders on various projects for wireless devices, luxury cars, home entertainment, 3D Headsets and the broadcast markets. These projects include every aspect of modern day audio requirements from low level DSP chip design, firmware & embedded software through to noise cancellation algorithms, audio simulation, graphics and acoustics.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a natural extension of our work in the Audio & Visual markets. Having many years of experience in both sectors and a strong track record with ground-breaking technologies, we entered into the Virtual Reality world at the origins of these technologies. High quality 3D Sound has been an essential component in the evolution from Virtual Reality gadget, to real-world application in Construction, Healthcare, Simulation, Training and Education markets.


Whether it is Home or Industrial Automation, CIS has an abundance of experience in helping customers with the design and development of control software, wireless communications, embedded engineering and even artificial intelligence. We have been working with M2M technologies such as Zigbee, Near Field Communication, Bluetooth Low Energy and Wireless Mesh Networks since their inception. We have helped develop everything from major Industrial Robots and Collaborative Robots for SME's through to complete Home Automation Syetems.



The Semiconductor Industry is at the heart of everything we do. We have been working in close cooperation with Europe's leading Semiconductor Companies over the past 17 years in relation to all our core markets. We have helped with Analog & Digital Design, Verification & Test, System on Chip and all the related Embedded Software and Firmware required to deliver quality Semiconductor products for today's market.