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Contracting with CIS

CIS is a contract specialist, operating exclusively in the Electronics Engineering Market. We have almost two decades of experience providing Embedded Software and Hardware Engineers to many of the leading Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Electronics Companies across Europe. Whether you are already an established independent contractor or considering becoming a contractor for the first time, we can help you find your ideal contract. Click here to browse through some of our latest contract opportunities or click on ‘Candidate Register’ above to hear about suitable contract opportunities as they arise.


Experienced Contractors

CIS have been providing many of Europe’s leading independent contractors to companies across the EU for almost 20 years. We do not offer permanent recruitment services to our customers, as this tends to distract from the quality of service we can provide as a contract specialist. Moreover we focus exclusively on the Electronics Engineering Market and do not get involved in IT Business Applications. This exclusive focus on Contract Electronics Engineering has allowed us to grow to become one of the leading brands providing high quality Engineers & Consultants to the Electronics Engineering Market across Europe.

First Time Contractors

We understand that moving from permanent employment into the contract market is a huge move and can be overwhelming if you are not given the right advice and guidance. For this reason, we have designed a completely new approach to help young engineers to navigate the process easily and make sure that your first move is the best move for you. Instead of matching you to existing contract opportunities, we begin by making sure we understand everything about you and what you are looking for in your first contract. Once we know exactly who you are and what you want, we can then begin the process of identifying the top target clients for you.


The market for good quality engineers and consultants across Europe is vast so once we have a complete understanding of your profile and motivations, we can then begin our search to find the right contract opportunities specifically for you. We have a strong track record in placing first time contractors with over 25% of all revenue coming from first time contract placements last year. Whether you are actively looking for your first contract opportunity or just considering a potential move into contracting, we can help you every step of the way.
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