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Contracting in the Electronics R&D Industry


12th September - Valencia.

CIS can help you to make finding your first contract a pleasant and exciting experience with zero drama attached!

We understand that leaving a good permanent job to enter the contract market can feel like a big risk, however the truth is, there are so many contract opportunities for good engineers out there that it doesn’t need to be scary at all!

Given the vast array of specialist skills and disciplines used in today’s electronics market, contracting is no longer a luxury but has rapidly become an essential part of successful companies’ overall R&D engineering workforce strategy. Looking ahead into the next decade, the future for independent contractors is looking brighter than ever. There has never been a better time to take the first step!

With 18 years’ experience focused exclusively on contracting in the Electronics Market, CIS has designed a completely new approach to help young engineers to navigate the process easily and make sure that your first move is the best move!

Find out more by visiting: https://cis-ee.com/en/contractors.html