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CIS in the News: Valencia International

July 9th Valencia, Spain. CIS Electronics Engineering, one of Europe’s leading Embedded Software Engineering and Electronics contracting and outsourcing companies has launched a new outsourcing initiative to help stabilize productivity demands and resource planning for R&D Directors.

Called CIS Outsourced Workforce Solution (CISOWS), it allows Electronics Engineering companies to outsource some of their necessary R&D tasks such as Embedded Software Design, Development and Testing to CIS as an extension to a their own R&D capability. Companies will therefore be able to use the outsourced team as they need, allowing them to expand and contract their R&D engineering activities with far greater flexibility.

CIS has traditionally built its reputation on the contracting market for Engineers of Embedded Technologies, which has experienced exceptional growth in recent years. The CISOWS solution is a much needed requirement for ’Leading Edge’ companies that have become accustomed to high attrition rates among engineering staff, spiraling costs for specialist contract engineers and problems of engineers working from a variety of remote locations.

The key advantage of the service is that while the engineering client retains control of the resource direction and tasks to achieve the required goals, CIS will recruit specific engineers as permanent employees for the requirement. As a result, CIS manages all risks associated with the processes of recruitment, personnel management and human resources of Valencia based team members. By offering the service as a seamless extension of a companies’ own R&D activities the solution avoids typical upfront activities such as bid management, milestones, deliverables and complex price negotiations.

Jonathan Smith, Head of Outsource Services for CIS, commented, ‘We have designed the solution as a standardized framework which can be customized according to final customer requirements. We can provide teams of engineers with various levels of experience, including team leaders, who can report directly to in-house management without having to re-negotiate contracts.’

‘Having the team based in Valencia provides stable, lower cost benefits for Engineering companies whilst our connections with local technical universities also puts us in contact with a pool of highly skilled graduate engineers. Culture and mind-set plays a big part among our team in assuring customers of a proactive, permanent and European focus, plus the necessary expertise.’

‘Teams in the CISOWS can also be complemented with highly skilled engineers from our worldwide pool of contractors, to provide additional onsite or remote assistance as necessary. This modular solution, Virtual Centre of Excellence (CISVcentre) provides our customers with the opportunity to harness great efficiency by temporarily incorporating the services of leading global experts, acting as leaders and mentors to facilitate fast and effective transfer of specialist knowledge.’ 

‘Now we can offer the complete package for Engineering companies who are wanting to take a strategic approach to their R&D resources with complete flexibility to aid their resource planning and productivity in highly competitive markets.’

About CIS                                                                               

CIS has been providing highly specialized Electronics R&D Engineers and Consultants across Europe for over 17 years, having provided individuals and teams in the field of Embedded Engineering to help deliver some of the most advanced ‘first to market’ products, components and solutions. With a focus on contracting, CIS offers 3 major types of contractor services; CISXpert for onsite contractors, euroXperts for part-remote contractors within the EU and globalXperts for fully remote contractors from anywhere in the world, outside of the EU.

On the outsourcing side, CIS offers its unique CISOWS from its base in Valencia to help engineering companies as an extension to their own R&D activities. By adding highly skilled engineers from the pool of experts in the contracting sector as needed, CISOWS can quickly become a Virtual Centre of Excellence for ultimate flexibility as CISVcentre.