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Embedded Systems Engineers & Consultants

7th November - Valencia.


Are you struggling to find the specialist expertise you need in your home county or state?

Let CIS Electronics Engineering help you build the R&D capability you need at a budget you can afford, starting tomorrow!


CIS Electronics Engineering have developed a comprehensive solution to ease the pressure on our customers struggling to find the right skills, on time to meet their project needs. We are now rolling this out to customers in the US. With over 18-years’ experience in providing many of the top expert engineers and consultants to some of the most ambitious Electronics R&D projects across Europe, we are now ready to help YOU!

Using what we call a Virtual Centre of Excellence or CISVCentre, we can build a team of specialist engineers to work on your projects from Valencia in Spain. CIS will recruit local engineers for the core team and add highly specialist experts, as required, working from wherever they are in the world in order to build the best global, virtual team at very competitive rates. This can serve as a technical incubator towards having your own R&D Centre in Europe as we also offer our partners the opportunity to buy-out the project team in the longer term, should you wish to establish a permanent base in Europe.


What we offer:

Specialist Recruitment

Human Resource Management

Flexible Workforce

Team Leaderships & Mentoring

Our Team working under Your Instruction

Rates: $300 to $600 per day (depending on exact skills and experience)

(We can also help you set up a European entity here in Spain for as little as $10K all in)


Spain is one of the lower-cost countries within the European Union and Valencia is one of the lower-cost major cities in Spain. There is a wealth of talented engineers in Valencia and many more looking to return to Valencia after being forced to leave Spain during the economic crisis, ten years ago. This provides us with a great base of talented engineers looking to work on market leading Embedded Systems projects. Salaries are very reasonable and attrition rates are low, altogether making Valencia the ideal location to expand your R&D capabilities. CIS offers you the opportunity to do this very economically with no start-up or infrastructure costs. There are no minimum order levels so you can even start off your partnership with CIS by ordering just one specialist engineer to help you with your one of your current projects and build from there!



High Quality Engineers (all English speaking)

Similar Working Culture to US

Managed under Your Direction

International Network of Experts for Highly Specialist Tasks or Mentoring

Buyout Option Available

No Upfront Costs

Low Entry Level – just one engineer

No Start-up Fees

No Recruitment and Training Costs

Highly Flexible (may terminate on 8-weeks’ notice without penalty)

Great Value for Money

Start Tomorrow


Don’t let highly specialised skill shortages get in the way – think global!

Contact Jonathan Smith (Head of Innovative Skill Solutions) at CIS Electronics Engineering now, to discuss possible cooperation.

Jonathan Smith – CIS Electronics Engineering: Email:  jsmith@cis-ee.com Tel: +34 960 038 636