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Automotive Revenues Double at CIS

1st October - Valencia.


CIS Electronics Engineering has increased revenues from their automotive contracting activities by over 100% year to date 2019, compared with the same period last year.

CIS Electronics Engineering is rapidly establishing itself as the market leader in the supply of contract Embedded Engineering skills to the ‘Next Generation’ Automotive Electronics Industry in Europe.

Just five years ago, CIS may have been better known for its expertise in the Smart Card and Contactless Payment markets. However in 2014, CIS made a strategic move to expand its business in the Automotive Market in order to develop what has fast become the greatest talent pool of ‘highly specialised’ Embedded Engineers and Consultants in the industry today. We have developed a global network of top Independent Engineers and Consultants working on advanced driving systems’ technologies and have launched three new products to help bring this talent to our customers.

       CISXperts                                   euroXperts                                    globalXperts               

on-site contractors                  remote contractors EU              remote contractors non EU

With an 18 year track record of successfully delivering many of the worlds’ leading engineers and consultants to some of the most advanced Electronics R&D Projects in Europe, CIS had a major advantage to position itself as the ‘number one’ supplier of expertise to the Automotive Industry in Europe. We have extensive experience with many of the core technologies and skills that have given birth to the latest innovations in automotive technologies. With a strong background in secure wireless, smart devices, sensors, computer vision, AI, AR etc., CIS has unprecedented access to all the top engineers and consultants necessary to deliver even the most ambitious R&D projects from start to finish.

CIS provides a wide range of experts including:

  • Technical Consultants
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Systems & Software Architect
  • Systems Engineers
  • Embedded Software Developers
  • Firmware Engineers
  • Test Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineer

Despite critical skills shortages in today’s Automotive Electronics market, CIS has been working hard to establish a number of unique approaches to finding and securing skills fast and cost effectively, which has enabled us to double our revenues in this area in less than one year. We have focussed on five key factors in order to build our new successful delivery model:

Extensive Global Network of Talent – greater supply - better quality - lower rates

Strategic Focus on First-Time Contractors – expanding the pool of local flexible talent

Customer Alert System – pro-active customer alert to availability of exceptional engineers

Candidate Driven Approach - to achieve maximum delivery ratios

Customer Qualification & Process Control – project based process to get the best talent first


If you are fed up battling with the same old suppliers, chasing the same old engineers, having to accept the best of a bad lot and are expected to pay more and more for the privilege, we have the solution for you!

If you have any urgent requirements for specialist skills, you can request a sample profile here or call / email Richard McCullagh on +34 963943500 / richardm@cis-ee.com to find out what we can do for you.

For more information about CIS, please visit our website: www.cis-ee.com