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Could you be saving up to 50% of your budget for External Embedded Engineers & Consultants?

7th August - Valencia.

As the market for external contractors approaches breaking point, many companies are left wondering how they are going to continue to deliver their projects on schedule without the budgets spiralling out of control.

Having established a major global network of Embedded Engineers & Consultants over the past two decades, CIS Electronic Engineering are uniquely positioned to offer a number of innovative solutions to help their customers find the right skills at the right price.

CIS has the experience to help secure the best talent from across the globe. CEO John Ryan, points out, “If you have been buying external Embedded Software or Hardware Design Engineers over the past couple of years, you will have noticed just how difficult it is to find and secure the right skills at a reasonable cost.”

“We have been analysing the market very closely over the past few years and found that some companies could be making savings of up to 50% of their spend on specialist skills, without compromising on the quality or timely delivery of their projects. We have introduced a new product; globalXperts to offer our customers the opportunity to buy expert talent from across the globe at amazing value for money.”

“We are encouraging our customers to consider whether they truly must have these engineers on-site all the time, or even some of the time. Let’s face it, many of our customers’ employees are working more and more from home these days anyway, so projects often need to be organised in a way to allow for at least some of the work to be done remotely. “

“Customers who are able to bring this one step further, will be able to benefit from having a vast pool of talent to choose from that can be available on short notice, at rates as low as half the current market average! For those customers who must have the engineers on-site for at least the beginning of the project, critical stages of the project and able to attend important planning or design meetings, we can offer our euroXperts solutions where customers can expect to achieve savings of up to 25% off typical on-site market rates.”

“CIS has an 18-year history of supplying global market experts to a wide range of Embedded Systems (SW and HW) R&D projects across Europe. Given the level of specialist expertise typically required by our customers, we have had to search across all continents over the years to find the best talent with exceptionally rare skills and experience. Now we can use these extensive networks, to deliver ‘remote’ or ‘part-remote’ working solutions to our customers to ease the stress of desperately trying to find local talent at reasonable rates.“

“Our recent research has highlighted that many project managers identify overspend on electronic engineering resource budget as a major worry in getting projects completed either on-time or at all. So we think now is the time to change the mind-set in project resource allocation and look to make major cost savings on your external embedded engineers and consultants.”

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